Meat Takeaway

Pollo Milanese


Chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs served with spaghetti pomodoro

Pollo Funghetto


Chicken breast, mushrooms, cream, white wine and wholegrain mustard (?? Rice)

Pollo Romano


Chicken breast, prawns and crayfish, mustard, brandy and cream sauce

Vitello Milanese


Veal coated in breadcrumbs, shallow fried and served with spaghetti pomodoro

Saltimbocca alla Romana


Pan fried veal cooked with Parma ham, sage and white wine

Filetto al Pepe


Fillet steak with green peppercorn sauce

Filetto Diane


Sliced fillet steak pan fried, mushrooms, French mustard, brandy and cream

Filetto Rossini


Fillet steak wrapped in bacon with toasted bread, pâté and Madeira sauce

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